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Among the 168 key cities across the country, the 16th Jiangmen "Qi" is not vulgar

Jiangmen strives to brighten the high -quality development background, and strives to make the blue sky and white clouds resident and fresh air.Jiangmen Daily reporter Guo Yongle Photo    

  Jiangmen Daily (Reporter/Zhu Leilei Correspondent/Jiang Xiaofeng) Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced the national environmental air quality status in February 2024. In the national air quality ranking of 168 key cities across the country, Jiangmen ranked 16th in the country; in PM2;In the ranking ranking, Jiangmen ranked 10th in the country.

  Data show that in February 2024, Jiangmen City’s environmental air quality has been significantly better than the same period last year. The comprehensive index improves by 36.0%. The proportion of excellent air quality days is 100%, an increase of 21.4 percentage points year -on -year, and no pollution weather occurs.The six pollutant concentration indicators evaluated air quality have met the requirements of the national environmental air quality secondary standard. The average PM2.5 average concentration is 21 micrograms/cubic meter, which is improved by 27.6%year -on -year.

  It is reported that in order to comprehensively improve the quality of the environment, the Municipal Ecological and Environment Bureau has always paid close attention to pollution control and control in key areas, key industries, and key periods, and actively cope with the impact of adverse meteorological conditions.At the same time, continuously deepening the source of the source, the city’s gas boilers have fully completed the renovation of low nitrogen burning, and achieved the “14th Five -Year Plan” planning goal two years in advance.