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Real Madrid Make Contact with Manchester City Over Transfer Target

According to reports, the target Real Madrid is paying attention to is Manchester City defender Kyle Walker. As the captain of Manchester City, he has won many honors and has no shortage of halo. He will focus on the national team, and the league team, he He will consider replacing him. He made some mistakes in England that made him unwilling to stay.
Real Madrid is reported to be willing to provide him with a two-year short-term contract. The annual salary will be slightly increased, but it will not increase significantly, after all, his age is there. Walker is also interested in going to La Liga, and he is as powerful as Real Madrid. It would be very interesting to win a La Liga championship before retiring. During the transfer window last winter, there were rumors of an affair between Walker and Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Make Contact with Manchester City Over Transfer Target

Real Madrid intends to acquire Kyle Walker in a very cost-effective way, but Manchester City may not necessarily agree to release him, and the transfer fee requirements are also high.
Ancelotti’s great interest in Walker is the prerequisite for this transfer, so I personally think that Lafayette will spare no effort to sign him.

From a tactical point of view, the addition of Walker will greatly upgrade Real Madrid’s defense. He can play as a right back, center back and midfielder, and he can definitely improve the team’s defense. As long as they do a good job in defense and counterattack, Real Madrid can I’m satisfied, Walker is really a good player.

After Walker comes to Real Madrid, he may not be able to keep his starting position. Therefore, this will also become an obstacle to the introduction of Walker. Real Madrid management needs to reach a personal agreement with the players in this regard, and then discuss the transfer fee with Manchester City.

Walker’s interest in joining Real Madrid is not small, so it is not ruled out that he will take the initiative to give up part of his salary to complete the transfer, and may even spend his own money to solve some problems. It depends on Real Madrid’s patience and determination.


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