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Escort the public health citizen’s physical examination to carry out healthy seasonal public welfare activities

The public welfare activities of Ciming Sports Examination were held in Jiaming Tongcheng Community, Chaoyang District.
Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiulan) From April 15th to 21st this year, the 30 National Cancer Prevention Propaganda Week.In order to popularize the knowledge of anti -cancer health, enhance public cancer prevention and control awareness, and improve the health level of the whole people, Ci Ming’s medical examination health season public welfare event entered the Jiaming Tongcheng community in Chaoyang District on April 19 to carry out a series of health care services.
The recently released “Ci Ming Beijing · 2023 Health Examination Big Data Blue Book” shows that in the research crowd in the analysis of Cimicon in 2023, the detection rate of H. pylori infection was 19.4%.Among them, the detection rate of men was 21.0%, and the detection rate of women was 17.5%.Helicobacter pylori infection is closely related to the occurrence of many digestive system diseases. The World Health Organization lists it as a first -class carcinogen.
During this activity, the doctor and special expert of Ciming Medical Examination, Zhao Xiaojun, deputy chief physician of the Beijing Chemical Hospital of the Capital Medical University, Zhao Xiaojun, the deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, the Department of Gastroenterology, and provided health services such as the science gastric and intestinal tract of the community, and provided health services such as health consultation to help residentsDiscover potential health issues in time to improve self -care.The event site also provided Helicobacter pylori consulting services to help residents sieve early inspection and early inspection and early medical treatment.The experts of Ciming Examinations reminded that high -risk populations should conduct gastroscopy every 2 to 3 years, and ordinary people conduct timely screening tests every 1 to 2 years.
In an interview with the scene, Zhao Xiaojun emphasized that the gastrointestinal tumor can be guarded or terrible. It is not terrible. The survival rate of early five years after the treatment of early gastrointestinal cancer can reach more than 95 %, while the five -year survival rate of advanced digestive tract cancer is only 30 30 years of survival rate of 30 30 years.%about.At present, the public prevention and early screening awareness is weak. I hope to wake the public’s attention to the prevention and control of digestive tract tumors by hosting a series of health science popularization activities, so that the health concept of “early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment” is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, helping the whole people’s health literacypromote.Teng Zhuoyi, deputy director of the community, said that such a public welfare activity was launched to provide intimate and convenient medical services for community residents to help enhance the awareness of disease prevention.Activities to seek benefits for residents.This event attracted more than a hundred community residents to participate enthusiastically. Ci Ming’s medical examination professional and enthusiastic services were also well received by residents. Everyone said that they can enjoy such high -quality, convenient medical and health services at their doorsteps.Can learn the knowledge of gastrointestinal disease prevention and health care, and hope to organize such activities in the future. From April to June of this year, Ciming’s medical examination health season was fully launched. It aims to help improve public health literacy through various forms such as health services, popular science lectures, and live broadcasts of experts.In addition, Ciming’s medical examination will also carry out more than a hundred “five -entry” (entering agencies, entering enterprises, entering the community, entering the countryside, and entering the campus) national health public welfare activities across the country, so that high -quality health services will benefit and wider regions.
In the past 22 years, Ciming’s medical examination has always kept the original intention of “the trust of life, quality -oriented” and the mission of “protecting the health of the Chinese”.Carrying out public welfare undertakings, and successively conduct health services such as “brother”, veterans, aerospace experts, and Beijing example. Public welfare services have also extended public welfare services to poor areas and patients.Blood donation and donation of volunteer activities for hematopoietic stem cells.School match
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