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Lenovo Revives Indigenous Millet Varieties in Kerala with Digital and Technical Support

Technology company Lenovo has partnered with local farmers and organizations to revive indigenous millet varieties in Kerala. The company has set up a digital center at the Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD) College for Applied Sciences in Kanthalloor, providing access to technology tools and training to help farmers grow and market millets.

The initiative, which began in October 2022, has already involved 25 farmers who have cultivated six varieties of millets in 15 acres of land. These varieties include finger millet, barnyard millet, little millet, foxtail millet, proso millet, and kodo millet, which were previously grown primarily for self-consumption.

To support the farmers, Lenovo has partnered with Samudra Network and Agri App to digitize the agricultural value chain specific to millet farming in Kanthalloor. This includes tracking crop details, digitizing processing operations for quality control, and creating a market catalog.

Lenovo Revives Indigenous Millet Varieties in Kerala with Digital and Technical Support

The project has already achieved significant results, with over 1,750 kg of millets harvested. The goal is to expand millet cultivation to 50 acres and involve 50 more farmers next year, while also focusing on increasing yields.

The initiative has been welcomed by the local community, with Kanthalloor Gram Panchayat President Kanth Mohandas stating that millet is part of Kanthalloor’s history and that people are glad to see traditional farming practices being revived with the help of modern technology.

Lenovo’s efforts to revive indigenous millet varieties in Kerala demonstrate the potential of technology to support sustainable agriculture and promote the health of local communities. By providing farmers with access to digital tools and training, Lenovo is helping to ensure the continued production of millets, which are a nutritious and climate-resilient crop.


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