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In colorful Shandong, meet the fashion "new" Linyi

Original title: In colorful Shandong, meet the fashion “new” Linyi

Source: Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi

Original title: In colorful Shandong, meet the fashion “new” Linyi

Source: Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi

Reporter Sun Yuanming Linyi Report

In this spring, Shandong Cultural Tourism has a “fire” 100 million points.

Not to mention the two hot search frequent customers in Jinan and Qingdao, and other places also have their own “fire” method.Zibo’s “Reunion”, Heze Peony Fragrant, Linyi Light Show Circle, Weifang Kite “God” … multiple phenomenal hotspot screening networks, cities have entered the public’s vision, glowing with vigorous vitality.

The explosion of the city has never been waiting.The phenomenon of one after another in the above cities seems to be accidental. Under careful thought, it is actually the inevitable result of a multi -party actions in the context of the integration of cultural tourism.

The bright lights of the Yihe River.Picture source “Cultural Tourism Linyi”.

In January of this year, the Provincial Cultural and Tourism Work Conference was held in Jinan in 2024. The meeting mentioned that in 2024, it will vigorously implement the high -quality development actions of cultural tourism, and grasp the comprehensive prosperity of art creation, cultural heritage protection, boost cultural tourism tourism tourism, boost cultural travel tourismConsumption, Peiqiang Cultural Tourism Industry, Plastic Oktown Management Services and other key tasks.

Frequent movements in the texts in Shandong.The free “Shangchun Mountain” activity ignite people’s enthusiasm for travel. The “Ledu Shandong” event set off a new round of swimming Qilu.The Peony Cultural Tourism Festival opened, and “花 Flower + Peony + Hanfu” became the top of the spring of the spring; the 41st Weifang Kite Festival was held, and the hot stalks of “all things can be flying” have attracted a large number of tourists to the WeChat collective “wholelive”.The Qilu land in the spring day, the cultural tourism market blossomed everywhere, so that foreign tourists deeply felt the colorful and enthusiastic of Shandong, and once again brightened the golden signboard of “Good House Shandong”.

From April 25th to 26th, the high -quality development conference of the 2024 Shandong Cultural Tourism Industry will be held in Linyi.This will be another opportunity to show the new image of Shandong, and it is also a window that allows the world to understand all over the new era.This year’s conference will focus on the main line of the theme of high -quality development, highlighting innovation, international, experience, scientific and technological, unique characteristics, and strive to create a combination of national participation, open sharing, and high -quality development results.Tourism event.

Specifically, Linyi, where the conference was held.She is the source of the spiritual spirit of Yimeng, the spiritual land of landscapes, and a historic and cultural city, and modern vitality.A song “Yimeng Mountain” spread throughout the north and south of the river. Today, Linyi has not only has a good scenery. According to the development idea of “red belt green, green, red and green, ancient and modern”, it will build, improve the “red, green, blue, blue, blue blueThe “boutique tourism system of ancient and modern times has taken a path of its own cultural tourism development, and has been rated by China’s outstanding tourist cities and key cities in red tourism in the country.

“Night Painting Langya” is a cruise acting while traveling.Picture source “Cultural Tourism Linyi”.

Wentong brigades, brigade plastics; walk to the beauty, stand to the new.Now Linyi is based on the “one city, six rivers, eight water around the city” city water system.Over time, the cumulative reception volume exceeded more than 6 million people, so that the tourism in the central urban area achieved beautiful butterflies. Based on the city of cultural, Linyi created a new IP of Guo Chao, and the “Langya Ancient City” was very popular;Visitors enjoy the colorful feast; Linyi, as the only prefecture -level city, was selected as pilot development of the national red tourism integration and development … Zhang Wenlou’s characteristic business cards have been lit one after another, showing the new image of “Red Yimeng Fashion Linyi”, and also allowed Linyi to travel.It is more popular, more fashionable, more popular.

The holding of the High -quality Development Conference of the Shandong Provincial Cultural Tourism Industry in 2024 is an opportunity for the development of quality tourism for quality tourism for development.Earlier, Gao Sisheng, director of the Linyi City Culture and Tourism Bureau, said in an interview that “Linyi will take this conference as an opportunity to promote the integration of cultural tourism and improve the quality of tourism.Power, jointly write a new chapter in Shandong Cultural Tourism! “

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