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Xi’an Multi -School launched a series of scientific education series activities to ignite the "Dream of Science and Technology Power"


Students interact with machine dogs.(Reporter Wang Yan)

Science and technology are the weapons of the country. The country depends strong, and the enterprise depends to win, and the people’s life depends on it.In the past few days, many schools in our city are guided by stimulating students ‘learning interest, actively creating platform situations, launching high -quality scientific education activities, improving students’ scientific literacy, and stimulating young people science and technology to report their ambitions.

Scientific experiments are interesting to inspire students to explore enthusiasm

On the afternoon of March 22, the Education Group of the 83rd Middle School of Xi’an held the “Fire of Technology, Burning the Light of Innovation” in the 2024 Campus Science and Technology Festival.

During the event, the scientific experimental demonstration conducted by popular sciences was wonderful.In the “Sound of Ghostly” experiment, after the popular science staff inhaled the ingenuity, the voice suddenly became sharp and thin, and the students in the audience shouted the magic, which greatly stimulated the curiosity of everyone’s inquiry.

After a while of interactive questions and answers, the popular science staff guided students to understand that the sound spread relied on the medium, and the speed of the sound in the pimple was about three times that of the air.After people inhaled their pupa, they changed the communication medium, so the sound changed significantly.The students are quite excited and raised their hands on stage to experience …

A series of interesting experiments such as flame palm, air cannon, laser pen ignition, etc., which attracted the students to rub their hands and eager to try.The event will also host activities such as science and science lectures, science science research, science science handwriting reports, subject knowledge quiz, and Rubik’s cube competitions., Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an University of Technology, including 9 colleges, etc., gave students a “science and technology feast”.

“The scientific and technological innovation of our country requires a large number of talents. As middle school students, we must strive to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, improve our own quality, master strong skills, and strive to build our motherland in the future.” Students said.

Student on -site operation experience intuitive learning scientific knowledge

Primary and secondary schools should do a good job of “addition” in scientific education in the “double reduction” work.On the morning of March 22, a fun scientific education activity was launched in Xi’an Experimental Primary School, which ignited the “Dream of Science and Technology Strong Country” for children.

In the event, the children felt the new achievements and new attitudes of Chinese science and technology development in the new era, witnessed the magical scientific experimental performance show, and participated in a series of popular science experiments such as electrical shock, machine guns, magic sand, mech master, air cannon, etc.

One of interesting popular science exhibits and interactive experience equipment, wonderful scientific experiments, firmly attracted students’ attention, cheers and applause continuously.Through the operation and experience of themselves, the children have intuitive and profound understanding of scientific knowledge such as electromagnetic effects, optical principles, and mechanical phenomena, and experience the charm of science.

On the same day, the 32nd “Science and Technology Spring” promotion month activities hosted by the Xincheng District Committee and the District Government, and organized by the New City District Education Bureau and the District Science and Technology Bureau were launched simultaneously.The event demonstrated the results of the special science and technology education projects of primary and secondary schools, held a symposium on scientific and educational research in primary and secondary schools, held training for scientific and technological counselors of primary and secondary schools to build a solid foundation for further promoting the high -quality development of science education.

Doctoral science science to experience the charm of science and technology together

On the afternoon of March 22, Gaoxin Ying ushered in the 13th issue of the “Hundred Dr. Entering the Campus” series of activities. Dr. Cui Yuwei, deputy director of the Institute of Aviation Industry Self -Control Research Institute, was invited to enter the campus to bring classmates to lecture on aerospace popularization knowledge lecturesStimulate students’ enthusiasm and potential to explore the scientific world.

At the lecture site, Cui Yuwei revolved around the theme of “breaking through the sky, no limit”, and introduced from the world map to tell students the history of battle from the Anti -Japanese War to the Anti -US aid, the development history of reconnaissance aircraft, bombers, and fighters, and different wings of wings.Uses and differences.

“From the era of handmade equipment to the era of artificial intelligence today, we have entered the sea, and we can do everything!” Cui Yuwei’s sharing is vivid and interesting, and fascinating. The students listened to their intentions, interesting, and interacting from time to time.

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