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Occascularity and inevitability -For Professor Li Tongzhong’s seeing righteousness, he chooses to like

Shanghai Jiaotong University occupies5000The acres, the campus planning is reasonable. The building is based on brick red, and then lined with green vegetation. Different flowers are embellished in the four seasons.Surrounded by the river, put on the campus4Lakes are connected into one.There are also Rose Garden and the third largest botanical garden in the school.The campus is beautiful, and the school does not need to be reported to enter and exit. On weekends, tourists are often weaved. Children on the large lawn are playing, running, and at nightEDThe lamp’s kite adds a different style.

The campus is beautiful, there are many rivers, and tourists are like weaving …These factors will inevitably appear some difficulty in preventing.


Figure 1. Beautiful Shanghai Jiaotong University campus glance

I remember that when I just participated in the walking activities, the captain of our team, Teacher Tian, gave us a slogan: “Take pictures every day, and use step by step.”We strolled in all corners of the campus, took pictures with mobile phones while walking, and recorded all kinds of beauty on campus.One day at noon, I passed Siyuan Lake and saw a young father playing with his son by his son.His father sat comfortably on the bench by the lake to watch his mobile phone, while the child was playing with water by the lake.I walked to the other side of the lake and took this warm moment.I passed this photo to Teacher Tian and attached a sentence: “Dad is not afraid of the child to fall into the water?” As a title.After Teacher Tian sent the Meizi out, there was a female teacher and the original photo I wanted.After a closer question, I realized that the title of my photo was a word.Soon after I left, the boy really dropped the water. Fortunately, the water was not deep, and my father was following.I guess that female teacher wants the original photo not to commemorate the children’s falling water, but to collect evidence, and go home at night to let his husband kneel on the washboard!

At 5 pm last Saturday (March 23), Li Tongzhong, a 63 -year -old professor at the School of Astronomical Physics, walked in the botanical garden, and suddenly saw a 7 or 8 -year -old girl fell into the river!He threw away the mobile phone and car key in his hands, took off his shoes, jumped into the river in three steps and two steps, and rolled water from the end of the river to the children on the banks on the other side of the river and rescued the child.In the middle of the river, the river was about to flood his shoulders. Fortunately, he was big!

Professor Li is my good friend and a 1m 82 strong man. I often tease him in WeChat, and he is not angry.My wife often said that you can’t bully Teacher Li.

The little river of the botanical garden.jpg

Figure 2. This river is the place where Teacher Li sees righteousness

After the child rescued ashore, the child’s mother came over.When I saw my child wet, I asked what happened?The little girl replied: “I accidentally fell into the river just now. This grandfather rescued me.”The child’s parents quickly thanked Professor Li.At this time, the patrol security arrived.Seeing Professor Li’s barefoot, he drove Professor Li to his car.Professor Li remembered that he had thrown the car key and mobile phone to the river.When the others sent the mobile phone and car key to Professor Li, he had a cold battle.When I got home, I found that the U disk used in my pocket was soaked by water. Should there be backup in his computer?IntersectionAfter the car was so tossing and smelly, he needed to wash it seriously.This time, his wife was working again!


Figure 3. Ducks and swans on campus are the favorite of children

I knew that after Professor Li’s heroic deeds, he asked him if he was afraid?He replied that at that time he was alone to save people, and he didn’t want to be afraid.He also said that as long as he is a man, he will come forward in such a thing!I believe this.I remember more than ten years ago, He Xiaohu, a doctoral student at our college, met a woman on the way back to school and fell into the river, and he bravely rescued the woman.Before the Spring Festival this year, there were people near my house, and a courier jumped into the cold water bravely and rescued people!… Maybe friends such stories can tell a lot.Therefore, it is accidental that someone loses feet and fall into water, but it is inevitable to see the feat of righteousness.Because these people who see righteousness are the same blood as Professor Li Tongzhong, they will not hesitate to extend their hands without hesitation!

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