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2024 Chongqing Spring Tourism Launch Ceremony and the opening ceremony of the Peony Culture Festival of the Putchijiang Peony Culture Festival

On March 21, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Chongqing spring tourism launching ceremony and the opening ceremony of the Peony Culture Festival of the Jiangjiang Jianjiang Peony was held at the Sanhe Lake Expo Center of the Dianjiang River.Essence

The construction part of the curtain wall of the Sanhe Lake Expo Center of the Arijiang Sanhehu Expo is undertaken by China Construction New Science Construction Development Co., Ltd.. The museum is one of the important engineering projects of the infrastructure and public construction project construction of Chongqing Sanjiang New District.EssenceSince the start of the project, China Construction New Section has modeled the full digital management model through BIM, and improves the comprehensive management of the project and the efficiency of collaborative efficiency.Ensure the smooth opening of the Peony Festival!

On the day of the opening ceremony, the organizer of the event promoted the opening ceremony and the image of the city city through the central and local and local 30 multimedia matrices, including central media, local media, new media, live video, live broadcast, wonderful short video, etc.As of now, the entire network has been watching over 50 million+ people.During the event, the Sanhehu Expo Center fully played the role of the “living room” of the advancement of the Jiangjiang, showing the development and construction results of the Dianjiang River, and enhanced the overall image of the city.