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Who is the real leader of the financial machinery?The two leading listed companies are worthy of attention (2024/3/25)

  The financial machinery faucet is:

  Guao Technology:Last, the latest quotation of Guao Technology was 14.610 yuan, and the stock price fell by 2.87%within 7 days; the increase of -19.1%this year, and the price-earnings ratio was -81.17.

  In 2022, the company’s total operating income of the company was 525 million, and the net profit was -101 million yuan.

  Mainly -operated financial equipment such as banknote inspection machines and banknotes clearance machines; in July 18, financial institutions used products such as unprecedented banknote warehouses and other products to pass the Institute of Differential Capability Detection Center of the Institute of Science and Technology of the People’s Bank of China; in 17 years, electronic informationIndustrial finance was 22.5 billion yuan, accounting for 94.2%.

  Radio and Television Express:Last, the news close on March 25. The stock price of Radio and Television Express fell 0.74%within 7 days, and the latest declined 1.77%to 12.200 yuan, with a renewal rate of 0.82%.

  In 2022, the company’s total operating income of the company was 7.526 billion yuan, and its net profit was 682 million yuan.

  According to statistics from the “2015 China Banking Service Improvement Report” released by the China Banking Association, China Financial Self -Service Equipment was added 10.13 million units in 2015.

  The other parties of the financial machinery concept listed companies are:

  Yuyin:The closing of Yuyin (002177) was reported to 4.100 yuan. Today, the opening report was 4.19 yuan, an increase of 0.71%. The highest price of the day was 4.33 yuan, the renewal rate was 6.73%, and the turnover was 216 million yuan. The stock price fell 1.71%within 7 days.

  Zhongke Jincai:According to the news on March 25, as of 15 o’clock, the stock of China Science and Technology rose 1.29%to 18.120 yuan; the stock price rose 12.91%within 5 days, with a market value of 6.162 billion yuan.

  New country capital:On March 25th, the new country was off -the -market for 23.18 yuan, closing at 23.000 yuan, down 1.03%.The highest price of the day was 23.97 yuan, with a minimum of 23 yuan, and a transaction volume of 13.7406 million hands. The total market value was 12.534 billion yuan.