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Us sneaker design

Prefabricated dishes definition and scope clearly lock the bottom line of food safety

According to the “Notice on Strengthening Prefabricated Food Safety Supervision and Promoting the High -quality Development of the Industry” according to the 6 departments of Xinhua News Agency and Electricity Market Supervision.Promote the direction of the construction of prefabricated food safety standards and quality standard systems.

The public has always been blurred for the concept of prefabricated dishes.The notice is clear that the prefabricated dishes should have the characteristics of pre -production and dishes, highlight the characteristics of industrialized pre -processing and dishes attributes, and have the characteristics and requirements of food production and processing in accordance with scale, standardization, cleaning, and standardized food production and processing.Zhang Chunhui, chief scientist of the Innovation Team of the Institute of Innovation of the Institute of Agricultural Products Processing of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that clarifying the definition and scope of prefabricated vegetables will help improve the “entry threshold” of production enterprises, standardize industry development, dispel market doubts, implement the responsibility of the food safety subject of prefabricated vegetable enterprises2. Strengthen the management of production permits and create a good industrial development environment.

The notice is also clear that prefabricated dishes are pre -packaged dishes that can be eaten after heating or cooked.Burger, sandwiches, pizza, etc.

For some time, some negative cases have caused consumers to “talk about prefabricated dishes.”Consumers’ concerns about prefabricated dishes are mainly concentrated in whether the reputation of producers and operators is guaranteed, and whether the products are added with preservatives, additives, etc.The notice clearly states that the prefabricated dishes “do not add preservatives”, “strictly control the quality of raw materials, and check the promise of the raw materials for edible agricultural product raw materials in accordance with the law.

Wang Wei, Dean of the Sichuan Prefabricated Cai cuisine Research Institute (center), said that it responded to the public’s concerns about adding preservatives in a timely manner, satisfied consumers’ expectations for safe nutrition and health foods, and put forward stricter to prefabricated vegetable manufacturers.Quality management requirements.According to Zhang Ke, director of the Innovation and Development Engineering Center of China Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Park, many prefabricated factories currently use a cold chain or quick -frozen method to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life.In the future, the development of prefabricated dishes should be used to use more scientific seasoning, fresh -keeping, and quality preservation methods to strictly use food additives.

In the absence of merchants, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish whether it is prefabricated from appearance and taste.At present, consumers generally pay attention to the use of prefabricated dishes in the catering link, and look forward to publicizing the use of prefabricated dishes.The notice proposes to vigorously promote the use of prefabricated dishes in the catering link to protect consumers’ right to know and choose.

Zhang Ke believes that the fusion of prefabricated dishes and people’s lifestyles is getting higher and higher. It is necessary to correctly science popularize prefabricated food knowledge and establish strict institutional constraints.The notice proposes a series of measures to strengthen prefabricated food and food safety supervision, strictly implement the responsibility of the main body of the enterprise and the responsibility of territorial regulatory supervision, strictly controls the prefabricated dishes production permit, and focus on checking the quality of prefabricated vegetable production and operation enterprises to inspect, control, storage and transportation and other links such as the production and operation of the production and operation of prefabricated dishesImplementation of safety measures.