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Interface Financial Association enrolled in AI’s first 100 billion parameters multi -modal financial model market

The big model was launched by Caijue Xingchen. The leading domestic financial media and financial information service dealers of the Shanghai Payon Industry Group and the financial information service dealer and the domestic head -of -universal model company Joy Xingchen jointly created it., Multiple “AI+” model application scenarios in intelligent risk control, intelligent investment advisory, intelligent marketing, intelligent customer service and other aspects.At the special conference, more than 30 financial institutions including Guotai Junan, Guangfa Securities, Huitianfu Fund, etc. attended.

It is reported that the financial model of Caiyue F1 Financial model is based on the trillion-level financial corpse pre-training accumulated by the Interface Finance News Agency. Relying on the leading large model base capabilities of Xingchen, it has strong general image processing and chart understanding ability. Compared with GPT-4Waiting for large models, it is even more prominent in the understanding of financial vertical knowledge.Cai Yue F1 mainly focuses on intelligent investment advisory, intelligent investment research and intelligent investment and education, helping financial institutions to create new productive forces.

Zhang Qian, Chairman of the Interface Finance Association

Zhang Qian, the representative of the controlling shareholder of Caijue Xingchen and chairman of the Interface Finance News Agency, said that the key to building a large financial model is the landing of the industry to help users solve problems.The wealth stars insist on starting from the pain points of financial institutions.The company’s two major shareholders, Dianyue has the best domestic model base capabilities in China. The Concubine Finance Press is currently the largest and only financial media in China that has the qualifications of Internet news and editing, financial information services and high -tech enterprises.To join forces to build a large -scale financial model ability from multiple levels such as data, computing power, models, and applications, it is possible to create a big model that truly understands finance.

Representatives of shareholders, CEO of Jie Xingchen, former Vice President of Microsoft Global Vice President Jiang Daxin, served as chief scientist of Fortune Xingchen, have rich research and engineering experience in the fields of machine learning, data mining, natural language processing and biological information.Dr. Jiang Daxin said that the ability of general models determines the upper limit of large models of vertical fields.The completeness of scenes and data determines the depth and actual application effect of large models of vertical fields.I am glad to work with the Interface Finance Press to create a large financial model and promote the innovation and upgrade of the industry.

Dr. Jiang Daxin, CEO of Jie Xingchen, former Vice President of Microsoft Global

The financial model of Caiyue F1 currently has three major capabilities: the first is the ability to question and answer financial knowledge, which can understand and answer various questions about the financial field, including concepts, terms, principles, market dynamics, etc.The second is the ability to understand the financial chart, which can analyze and explain various financial charts, including identifying the type of charts, understanding data meanings, analysis trends, and models.The third is financial computing capabilities, which can perform financial computing and modeling, including interest rate computing, investment portfolio optimization, risk assessment, etc.

Yu Feng, chief information officer of Guotai Junan Securities

Caishang Xingchen makes full use of the market advantages established by the Shanghai Newspaper Group Financial Association in the financial securities industry, and seize the segment of the securities industry through differentiation strategies.At the special conference, the WeChat Xingchen United Nations Taijunan Securities released a large model of securities and intelligent service scenarios.This major model is the first large model of 100 billion parameters of the 100 billion parameters. The first model will integrate the large model into the customer’s digital service system, including Jun Hongzhitou, comprehensive diagnosis, intelligent stock selection, hot information and other functions.

Wealth Xingchen has a composite team with “big model+financial information services”. It has both top AI technology experts from companies such as Microsoft and IBM, as well as veterans from domestic first -class financial institutions and financial media.

The Xingxingchen, which provides a large model base capability for wealth, was established in April 2023. It gathers a number of top talents in the artificial intelligence industry. It is one of the very few domestic artificial intelligence companies with a large model of trillion parameters.At the Global Developer Pioneer Conference (GDC), Joy Xingchen officially released the STEP-200 trillion parameter MOE language model preview version.The team is currently starting the competition to catch up with Openai in the field of general artificial intelligence.

In the era of AI models, every industry and products are worthwhile.In the next stage, wealth Xingchen will continue to innovate in refined treatment in the field of financial segmentation and exploring new scenes and new applications. It will launch related large model applications and solutions to build the most financial model in China.