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Ezhou ushered in a new landmark of education, 1.64 billion to build an international air school


[Ezhou ushered in a new landmark of education, 1.64 billion to build an international air school] Ezhou Linkong International School will start construction with an investment of 1.64 billion yuan to create a high -quality education platform that is connected with international docking.The project will not only improve the local education level, but also help Ezhou City to become an international air freight hub.


Ezhou’s new starting point, educate the new future!Lintong International School, located on Yansha Road, launched its construction plan with its strong investment background and unique geographical location.This high -end 12 -year school is not only the pride of Ezhou, but also has the ambition to move towards the country and the international stage.Each brick of the school reflects the pursuit of education quality. The total area of land is more than 200,000 square meters, and the building area is nearly 170,000 square meters, including teaching facilities above and underground.The school will accommodate 5,200 students, covering elementary schools from high school, and will also have a special high school international department.

The introduction of educational resources is another highlight of the school.The school will cooperate with well -known educational institutions such as Hubei Huayi Board School and the First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Normal University to jointly build an excellent teacher team to bring advanced education concepts and rich school experience to Ezhou.This school is not only an education program, it is also a big step for Ezhou to develop towards high -quality development. It is expected to usher in the first batch of students in the fall of 2025.

This measure implements the country’s requirements for education modernization, and it is also an important way to improve the level of public service in the Air Economic Zone.The construction of Linkong International School will greatly enrich educational resources in Ezhou and surrounding areas, help local local cultivation of more outstanding talents, and lay a solid foundation for the future development of Ezhou.

Editor’s comment:

The construction of Ezhou Linkong International School is not only a major event in the field of education, but also an important ink in the history of development of Ezhou.Investment of 1.64 billion yuan shows the emphasis on education and confidence in future development.The establishment of this school foreshadows that Ezhou will have an educational highlands in international standards to provide children with diversified and high -quality education choices.Such a magnificent project will bring the well -being of students and parents, and it will also bring the local talent gathering effect to promote the comprehensive development of the economy and society.

On the other hand, the construction of the school also has an inestimable effect on improving the image of the city in Ezhou.High -quality educational resources have always been one of the important indicators to judge the comprehensive strength of the city.In the future, Ezhou Linkong International School will not only become the cradle of talent training, but also become a business card displayed by Ezhou.It is foreseeable that with the completion and investment of the school, the popularity and influence of Ezhou in China and internationally will increase.

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