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just!The Ministry of Education officially posted!There are great changes in the summer vacation!"Summer custody class" is here!How to "support"?How to "manage"?How to charge →

The summer vacation is approaching. In order to meet the needs of parents and solve the problem of “seeing difficulties” in the summer of students, guide and help students spend a safe, happy and meaningful holiday, some places have recently launched summer custody services.

In order to guide the supporting places to actively explore and carry out summer custody services, the Ministry of Education recently issued the “Notice on Supporting the Exploration of Summer Custody Services”.

Encourage conditional schools to actively bear summer custody services

The Ministry of Education requires that local education departments should start from the actual situation and encourage conditions for schools to actively undertake students’ summer custody services.At the same time, actively co -provide the Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, Trade Union, community and other organizations to provide students’ summer custody services through various channels and various forms.

Do not force teachers to participate in summer custody services to ensure that teachers need to rest during the summer vacation

The local education department and schools should actively guide and encourage teachers to voluntarily participate in student summer custody services, and must not be forced.Teachers who participate in volunteers should give appropriate subsidies and use volunteer service performance as an important reference for evaluation.It is necessary to coordinate and reasonably arrange the time for teachers to volunteer to participate in custody services and protect the rights and interests of teachers. It is necessary to protect the necessary rest time for teachers in the summer vacation, but also to leave time for teachers to participate in summer teaching and research and training.

Adhere to students’ voluntary choice and not force students to participate

Summer custody services are mainly for families and students with demand, and parents and students are voluntarily selected to participate. They must not force students to participate.The local education department and school should take the initiative to promote the specific arrangements to parents.

Do not organize collective supplementary lessons to teach new courses for care

The custody service should be based on care to ensure that students can get full rest.Schools that provide custody services should open various resource facilities such as classrooms, libraries, and sports venues. While doing good care, reasonable organizations provide some collective game activities, cultural and sports activities, reading guidance, comprehensive practice, interest expansion, operational guidance, etc.Services shall not organize collective supplementary lessons and teach new courses.

Actively broaden resources channels to make full use of social education resources

In the custody service of conditions and schools, conditions and schools must make full use of social educational resources such as local red education bases, museums, cultural museums, science and technology museums, and youth activity centers; actively absorb college student volunteers, social professionals, etc. to participate in school custody services.

Adhere to the principle of public welfare and inclusiveness, you must not charge the rules illegal

The local education department shall, together with the relevant departments, improve the summer custody service funding guarantee mechanism, can refer to the relevant policies of the after -class service, and adopt financial subsidies, collect service charges or fees on behalf of them.If a service fee or agency fee is implemented, the charging standard is formulated by the relevant competent department of local education departments, and publicity and publicity work will be publicized and promoted.

Effectively ensure the safety of teachers and students

The local education department and schools should improve the safety management system, clarify the safety responsibilities of hosting service personnel, formulate safety emergency plans, strengthen safety and health education and normalized epidemic prevention and control work, eliminate hidden dangers of hosting venues, and ensure the personal safety of teachers and students.

Start a summer custody service in many places

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission recently issued a notice, organized by the District Education CommissionGrade 1-5 students from elementary school , Carry out summer custody services.Mainly provide students with learning places, open libraries, read rooms, and organize sports activities.Do not organize discipline training and collective lectures.

In most areas, they charge a custody fee of 30 yuan per person per day. For students in difficulties, they are exempted from the cost of custody service.The lunch fee is generally between 16-30 yuan.Most schools divide the custody class into two periods, 12 days each. At present, Xicheng, Haidian, Dongcheng, Changping, Tongzhou and other districts and counties have launched registration.

Both Hubei Wuhan and Weifang in Shandong provide free summer custody services this year. A total of 193 city -level and 82 district -level summer community custody rooms were launched in Wuhan.In addition to the elementary school students in Wuhan’s students, the hosting service will also give priority to the group of children left -behind children, children of migrant workers and children of dual -employees in the middle and low income.No household registration restrictions.

The establishment of the hosting class,The purpose is to make those elementary students who have nowhere to place holidays to get a special person to take care of EssenceThis move was welcomed by many families.

In addition, many parents have clear ideas and expectations for the content of custody services.

Ms. Teacher Teacher in Beijing: My ideal custody class should really serve the students ‘comprehensive development, such as strong students’ physical fitness, more outdoor activities, more popular science knowledge, and some handmade activities to supplement interest or specialties.

How to “support” the summer custody class?How to “manage”?

△ CCTV Finance “Zheng Dian Finance” column video

Parents hope that in the custody class, children can get a different teaching experience than when they are in school.Many netizens are worried that the summer vacation custody class will crowd the children’s entertainment and leisure time and even become the “third semester”.What exactly do children learn in the custody class?What contents can make them really interested?

There are 73 summer custody classes in Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang,There are more than 30 courses and activities such as scientific experimental courses, football games, and visiting museums.

In Wuhan, Hubei, 275 free public welfare summer custody classes have opened.In the friendship youth space in Jianghan District, children are listening to the full -time lawyer to explain the “Protection Law of the Minor”.Here are also hand -made, movie appreciation and other activities.

In addition to the custody class, Wuhan also organized activities such as “following the textbooks in the Chinese summer camp” and sports summer camps.

After sorting out activities in various places, the reporter found thatAt present, the content of summer custard services in various places is based on counseling students’ holiday assignments, leading children to read and sports, participating in labor, and expanding extracurricular knowledge. It is neither new lessons nor advanced teaching.

In this regard, experts said that the hosting service should be a platform for students to expand interest, which is in line with the physical and mental development of children.

The course is rich,Who will teach? After visiting, the reporter found that most of the tutors in the summer care class have a diverse source.For example, in the 1,183 free summer custard classes in Suzhou, Jiangsu, more than 25,000 volunteers have been recruited. Volunteers can use service points to redeem viewing vouchers, subway ride cards and book tickets.Volunteers of new citizens can also get up to 100 points.The Education Bureau of Ningbo Beilun District recruited more than 1,500 volunteer teams including college students, social workers, parents and social organizations to provide coordination and teaching assistance services.

How to charge the summer custody service?

To provide summer custody services, funds must be guaranteed.How to charge the summer care class?The reporter learned that the current hosting services of various places are public welfare.The daily charges ranging from free to tens of yuan, and the subsidy is mainly from governments at all levels.

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