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Shanghai Disney prohibits commercial photography?Staff response: There have been relevant regulations

Recently, some netizens posted on Xiaohongshu that Shanghai Disney asked several commercial photographers to leave the park, registering their annual card information and taking photos.”Is this to prohibit them from continuing to enter the park?” Many netizens expressed support, saying that some commercial photographers often “occupy” good opportunities, affecting the photography experience of ordinary tourists.On the 25th, Shanghai Disney staff said that Disney has always had relevant regulations for commercial shooting.As for whether the annual card or enrollment of a commercial photographer will be canceled, the staff said that “it is not clear.”
The netizens who posted a business photographer were suspected of being blocked.”I just want to say that it’s great, these business auctions often occupy a long time.” Many netizens in the comment area expressed support, “It’s really annoying, good positions have been dominated by them” “Once you rotate TrojanWant to take a picture, a business shot said that in his lens, let us walk away, and the murderer “” I have been shooting in the shop shelves, I want to go to see the doll, I can’t squeeze it, and the baby will not buy it for a long time “…
Netizens talked that good shooting positions are often occupied by commercial photographers.Network Diagram
Will Shanghai Disney prohibit commercial photography?On the 25th, the reporter of the upstream news (reporting the mailbox [email protected]) reporters consulted Disney customer service.A staff member said: “We are just a booking service center, not the staff at the scene, so we cannot confirm the situation of (whether it is forbidden for commercial photography).Personnel, or go to the tourist service center to ask, the specifically on the spot. “Another staff member said:” There are relevant provisions on the park’s notice that if photography is not personal, it is used for business purposes. This is not allowed to be allowed to be allowed”As for what netizens said,” register the photographer’s annual card information and take pictures record “, the staff member said:” We don’t know the relevant situation very well.The annual card may not be able to use it temporarily.
Shanghai Disney Tourists make it clear that tourists are not allowed to conduct commercial photography.Network Diagram
The reporter inquired on the official website and found that there are indeed relevant regulations in the “Shanghai Disneyland Tourist Instructions”.”Visitors must not bring photography equipment, camera equipment, landing -type tripods, stable brackets and related tools to enter the park; activities that must not be engaged include photography, camera, recording or live broadcast, personal use and non -live broadcast, personal use and non -live broadcast, personal use and non -engaging.Except for business purposes. “
In April 2023, according to Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Universal Studios also said that unauthorized commercial shooting will be prohibited.The staff of Beijing Universal Studios said that if tourists take pictures and videos normally and are used for private or non -commercial use, they are allowed to be used for commercial use.In the “Beijing Global Resort and Beijing Global Studios Entering the Park”, there is the following content: “In the area of Beijing Global Resort, in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all tourists, you must not conduct the following activities: taking pictures, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, video, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos,Recording or live broadcasts, except for private and non -commercial use. In addition, in June 2023, the Palace Museum also issued new regulations to prohibit non -visiting activities such as commercial shooting.
Shanghai Disney also has official photography services, but netizens said that the price is more expensive.Network Diagram
It is worth mentioning that both Shanghai Disney and Beijing Universal Studios have official shooting services, but netizens believe that the price is relatively expensive.The Shanghai Disney APP shows that there is a “Disney Music Shooting One Day” service, which is 288 yuan.In addition, there are “wonderful shooting customization services”, which is 700 yuan in 1.5 hours.
On the afternoon of the 25th, the reporter searched for an e -commerce platform and found that there are still many “Disney follow -up” products sold, most of which are about 300 yuan.Taking a shop as an example, the price of the “1 hour package” is 255 yuan, including 100 photos of 100 photos, and 10 refined repair.If it is a 2 -hour package, the price is 455 yuan, including 150 photos, all of which are colorful and 15 are repaired.For commercial photographers may be banned from entering Disney to shoot, the shop customer service said: “See the specific situation on the same day. If you can’t shoot, you can refund it.”
Upstream journalist Jin Xin
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