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Japanese cuisine has more international influence than Chinese cuisine. Is it because Chinese cuisine is a poor food?

There is a question on the American version of Zhihu: Why is Japanese food more international than Chinese cuisine?Such a question will surprise us. Chinese food that is everywhere overseas is not as expensive as expensive Japanese food?No international influence?

It is not difficult to find a Chinese restaurant in a country like Western food in France. The only possible reason is that this American version knows that it is also a preconceived question of some Westerners.

However, the answers of foreign netizens made us unexpectedly. They not only agreed that Japanese cuisine was more international than Chinese cuisine. They also pointed out the reason. One of the reasons for us to puzzled us.Food, civilian food.

Foreigners believe that Japanese cuisine has more international influence than Chinese cuisine. Reasons 1: From the beginning, Japanese cuisine is associated with high quality, because Japanese product quality and industrial standards are deeply rooted in the minds of Westerners.Contact with high quality.

The second reason is that Japanese cuisine integrates the cooking concept of Western food. From ingredients to taste appearance, they also listed Michelin, saying: Japan Michelin has replaced France as the country with the most Michelin 3 stars in the world.

The third reason is because Chinese cuisine is the food of the poor!The reason for their reasons is that the starting point of Chinese cuisine is too low. Chinese restaurants use cheap ingredients, bad restaurant environment, poor service, etc., becoming a cheap fast food.

Now we look at the three reasons listed by foreigners. The first high quality is indeed what we should learn, and we are also working hard to improve. As for the second point, it is a bit unreliable.Is Japanese cuisine influential than Chinese cuisine internationally internationally?

As for Article 3, when does it make people eat meals a bad phenomenon?

Can Chinese cuisine be obtained in both the rich and the poor, shouldn’t this be liked?Like Japanese food in Europe and the United States, it is not the food that the poor can afford. It is still the same in Japan. It is definitely impossible to eat sushi, and the opposite of Chinese food is the opposite, and everyone can afford it.

It is difficult to understand that some Western culture is really difficult to understand. Of course, foreigners think that Chinese food is a poor food. This food discrimination culture has existed on the table of Western people since ancient times.

For example, the early lobster was regarded by Americans and Canadians as poor foods, and anyone who eats these foods will be looked down on.The poor will eat at night and buried lobster shells in the soil by night, so they are not discovered by neighbors.Some students will abandon lobster lunch prepared by their parents on the road on the way to school, so as not to be found by classmates that they can’t afford them.

For example, pork, in the early days of American pork, was only a black slave food, only they could eat it.Today, these food discrimination in Western culture still exists.

Another example is the food discrimination vocabulary that has been popular in the West to the present.So it is not difficult to understand that some Westerners will regard Chinese food as the food of the poor. This is completely their culture, which is funny and helpless.

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