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The two defendants in Hunan were led by foods that did not meet the safety standards

  Recently, the People’s Court of Beihu District, Luzhou City, Hunan Province, publicly pronounced publicly on a civil public interest lawsuit of food safety criminals. The defendant Dai and Tian Moufeng sold foods that did not meet the safety standards and were sentenced to 10 in prison in prison.A month or nine months, and fined RMB 125,000. The illegal income that the two had refunded RMB 2466 and 4,000 were confiscated according to law.News media above the level apologize to the public.

  The court found that on January 2, 2022, the defendant Tian Mou contacted the defendant Dai Mou to buy loach.Dai found Huang Mou, a loach farmer through the intermediary, and paid a deposit of 5,000 yuan. Then he found that Ennotaracus exceeded the standard during the sample of loach samples.In order to avoid deposit losses, Dai still purchased 7644 pounds of unqualified loach when he knew that the loach was unqualified. In addition, the car was not tested 2272 catties from his own store, and 9916 catties was sold to Tianmou.

  On January 4, after receiving a report from the unqualified loach test, Tian was still purchased and sold on the market when he knew that the loach was unqualified.

  On January 7, 2022, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau had a random inspection of the batch of loach.It is found that the batch of loach Enno Schoistees exceeded the standard. The standard indicators are ≤100 μg/kg and the measured value is 1670 μg/kg.This batch of loach does not meet food safety standards, which is enough to cause serious food poisoning accidents (or other severe food -based diseases).After being investigated, Tian and Dai provided a fake test report to the market supervision and management department to evade punishment.The batch of non -qualified loach has a total of 9916 catties, and the sales amount is 82302.8 yuan.

  After hearing, the court believed that the defendant Dai Mou knew that the food sold did not meet the safety standards and still sold others.It is enough to cause severe food poisoning accidents or other serious food -based diseases. The behavior of the second defendant has constituted a crime of food that does not meet the safety standards.All criminal penalties shall be followed by the participating.The defendant Dai and Tianmou truthfully confess the facts of the criminal after arriving in the case. He confessed and voluntarily pleaded guilty. He could be punished lightly according to law.The second defendant refunded the illegal income and was punished as appropriate.In addition, the criminal behavior of the two defendants is sufficient to cause serious food poisoning accidents or other serious food -based diseases, which harms public interests and should bear corresponding civil liability.According to the defendant’s guilt and regrets and the crime plot, the court made the above judgment according to law.At present, the judgment has taken effect.

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