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Rectify the beautiful environment of the beauty environment!

Clean the streets and lanes, remove the weed garbage
Promote “three packs in front of the door”
See sewing green, gap planting flowers
For a few days
Actions in the whole district
Concentrate to carry out urban and rural environmental construction actions
Realize the dual improvement of urban and rural appearance and quality
Make Pinggu more clean, more neat and livable
Welcome to the arrival of the Peach Blossom Festival
Nanyuhe Town takes the model of the “Four Beauty” demonstrations as the starting point. It insists on the combination of “face” to “Lizi” and “dots, lines, and faces” to carry out “pull -net” centralized rectification operations.Up to now, more than 380 vehicles have been dispatched with more than 1,000 vehicles, clearing up more than 120 tons of construction waste, more than 20 tons of agricultural waste, and standardized more than 270 stacked stacked.Health rectification is “full flowering”, and the appearance of the village to achieve “renewal face”.
Machangying Town focuses on key issues, work hard on “rectification and improvement”, works on “normal and long -term effects”, and continues to carry out urban and rural environmental improvement actions.Villages, communities, cadres, grid workers, and volunteers in the jurisdictions cooperation and cooperation with the division of labor, and cooperation of the work of the work, holding iron, rakes, buckets and other tools, focusing on the sanitary dead corners of the jurisdiction, chaos of miscellaneous objects, dumping garbage, river channels, and rivers and rivers and rivers and rivers.The trench canal white garbage, dead branches and leaves and other outstanding problems are fully cleaned up to ensure that the rectification and cleanliness will be used to create a clean and comfortable livable environment with practical actions.
Donggao Village suppress the responsibility and continuous efforts, comprehensively start centralized rectification of urban and rural environment, adhere to the “coordination of the town party committee, the main department of functional departments, the responsibility of the village secretary, the promotion of the village executives, the cleansing staff, and the grid staff.”One -one, anchor the governance goal, reasonably plan and use limited resources, green and beautify the naked land of the street, point by point, follow the street, and gradually govern, hold your fingers as a fist, and form a joint force.Effectively consolidate the results of the rural human settlement environment, create a clean, tidy, beautiful and livable rural style, and promote the improvement of the “face value” of the countryside.
MLS Football Jersey