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How can the "pro -Qing index" help the business environment optimization?Tide News Interview with Wu Bo, Executive Dean of Zhejiang University of Technology

Chao News Client Reporter Luo Yi
On the afternoon of May 18, the press conference of the newly -type political and business relationship in Zhejiang Province was held in Hangzhou to comprehensively evaluate the political and business relations of 11 cities in the province.As the sixth year of the continuous release of the newly -type political and business relationship in Zhejiang Province, the index has achieved profound influence in the society.
What pain points did you encounter when building a pro -government and business relationship?How can the “pro -Qing index” help the business environment optimization?Chao Bo, an Executive Dean of Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology.
Tide News: What pain points did Zhejiang encounter in the process of building a pro -government and business relationship and optimizing the business environment, and how did it overcome it?
Wu Bo:The pain points mainly include “real” and “effect”.The so -called “real” refers to many policies in Zhejiang Province. It is necessary to truly implement these policies so that private enterprises can truly feel the support of the policy.How to implement the policy is our first pain point.”Effect” is the effect of effect. It means that our policy must truly bring value to the enterprise, that is, value -added government services.After overcome these two points, I believe that the business environment will be more optimized.
How to achieve “real” and “effect”?First of all, we must use digitalization methods.Through digital means, the government’s support policies for enterprises can be truly landed, so that every private enterprise can effectively enjoy policy support.The second is policy customization, and policy customization based on regional, industry, and enterprises can truly reach value -added government services.
Tide News:How does the “pro -Qing index” help optimize the business environment?
Wu Bo:The implementation of think tank results is an important dimension of the quality of the think tank research. It can also be called a study with practical penetration.The “pro -Qing Index” is a long -term research field of the Zhejiang Institute of Commerce. At present, many results have been accumulated in this field.
But how to transform results into practice and empower the business environment?We mainly promote the optimization of the business environment through three paths.
The first path is the media release to promote the optimization of the business environment.With the help of the media platform, the “pro -clear index” is released to rank each city, and through publicity, let the government understand the shortcomings of its own existence to achieve the optimization of the business environment.
The second path is the leader’s instructions to promote the optimization of the business environment.During the research of the proxy index, we have formed a series of research reports. At present, more than 20 reports have been instructed by provincial and ministerial leaders. These instructions have become important mechanisms for the optimization of the business environment.
The third path is to transform policy transformation to promote the optimization of the business environment.Long -term theoretical research and practical investigations have given us a clear and comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the business environment.Transform the research results of the business environment into policies and standards, and enable the business environment to optimize.
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