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The niche parkour movement, Zhejiang not only held the national competition, but also official organizations

Chao News Client Reporter Li Ying Wang Qiong

On May 18th, the establishment of the Parkour Professional Committee of the Zhejiang Gymnastics Trampoline Association was held in Huzhou. The person in charge of the promotion of the parkour project from all over the Zhejiang Province gathered together to talk about the beautiful future of the development of Zhejiang Parkour.

Zhuang Xiaopeng, deputy dean of Zhejiang Sports Vocational College of Sports Vocational and Technical, Zhuang Xiaopeng, Chairman of the Zhejiang Gymnastics Trampoline Association, Huang Yongjun, Vice Chairman of the Zhejiang Gymnastics Trampoline Association, Secretary -General of the Zhejiang Gymnastics Trampoline Association, Shan Yan, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Huzhou Sports BureauWaiting to attend the conference.

Parkour, which is derived from France, is the extreme movement worldwide, which is not only a challenge of physical ability, but also a manifestation of spiritual pursuit.It integrates the flexibility and strength of gymnastics, the bouncing and control of trampoline, and the agility and passion of free running, showing the continuous exploration and transcendence of human beings for self -limit.With the popularity and development of Parkour in Zhejiang, more and more people have begun to participate in this sport, and at the same time, some professional parkour clubs and training institutions have also appeared.The Parkour Professional Committee of the Zhejiang Gymnastics Trampoline Association can better promote the development of parkour sports in Zhejiang, strengthen industry self -discipline and standardized management, improve the competitive level and social influence of parkour sports, improve the quality of the whole people, stimulate the quality of the whole people, stimulateThe potential of the national sports allows the whole people to feel the charm of competitive sports and the educational significance of sublimating competitive sports.

The formal establishment of the committee is an important measure to promote the diversified development of sports, marking that Zhejiang Parkour Sports will enter a new period, and also play an important guiding role in the development of parkour organizations in various regions.

After the Asian Games, the first National Parkour Championship was held at the Huanglong Stadium.

At the establishment of today’s establishment, the heads of the parkour project promotion from various cities, clubs, and organization representatives have also shared the development status of the parkour projects in their respective regions and suggestions and suggestions on the development of the parkour project.Next, cities and cities will actively establish communication with relevant government departments with the resources of the committee, explore cooperation with fashion, film and television, education and other fields, and build a parkour community combining online and offline.Channel allows more people to understand the parkour, love parkour, and participate in parkour.

Zhuang Xiaopeng, chairman of the Zhejiang Gymnastics Bundee Skills Association, put forward specific requirements for the next step of the Parkour Professional Committee.He said that the goal of the Parking Professional Committee is to build a comprehensive platform that integrates training, competitions, exchanges, and promotion. It aims to improve the professional level of parkour sports and cultivate more excellent parkour athletes.Social popularize parkour culture, promote popular events, organize various training, and convey its spiritual connotation of positive and courageous challenges.The committee will formulate a series of industry specifications and standards, strengthen the management and supervision of parkour clubs and training institutions, standardize the teaching and training of parkour sports, and allow coaches, referees, etc.The ability to ensure that people participating in the parkour movement can be safe and effective and healthy training.

In the future, the Parking Professional Committee will organize a series of parkour competitions and activities to provide a parkour sportsman a fair, fair, open and unique and unique and unique parkour competition platform.The educational significance of not fear of difficulties and facing difficulties “is expected to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign parkour organizations and institutions through organizational competitions, exchange meetings and other activities to improve the competitive level and international influence of parkour sports.

(The picture is provided by the Parkour Professional Committee of the Zhejiang Gymnastics Trampoline Association)

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