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The opening ceremony of the Games is coming, and you will choose the "most beautiful formation" at Xi’an Peihua College

Spring breeze is burning and shabolized

The green field is upset

The sports event kicked off

The atmosphere of youth is permeated on the campus

The students raised the banner of youth and presented a gift for the 96th anniversary of the establishment of Peihua School. Let us witness together, the charm of sports collides with the passion of youth!

The leaders attended this sports meeting

Jiang Bo, chairman of Xi’an Peihua College, Li Yingfang, principal Li Yingfang, party secretary Liu Feng, executive vice president Hu Junsheng, vice president and deputy secretary of the party committee Yao Wenjing, Vice President Luo Xinyuan, Liu Yuelian, Yu Guoliang, principal Zhang Yunliang, Jiang Tao, Qin HaifengWait, there are also party and government leaders, athlete representatives and more than 20,000 teachers and students from the departments and administrative departments.Xu Guofu, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Xi’an Peihua College and chairman of the school union, presided over the opening ceremony.

Team entry

Watch the red flag to show up the ritual flowers flying

The firm Peihua people are flying.

In April, the sun meets the Hongyu teenager

The runway carries the vitality and passion of the teenager

Long arc paintings write youthful surging and enthusiasm

The referees and athletes enter the venue in turn

Their queue is neatly planned

Their smile is full of vigor

Their pace is angry

Their slogan sounds the playground

Facing the glory of the rising sun

The fighting spirit students are full of pride

Step in the morning dew

Tao Li Fangfang’s teachers glow

They shouted to sing the wind and break the waves

The flowers of youth blooming campus are dazzling

Create a glorious rush to victory!

The faculty arrays are like a gorgeous scroll

It consists of faculty and staff of different colleges and administrative departments

They step by step inherit the spirit of the teacher

Take the aspiration of education as a student to ignite the light of dreams

Their sweat nourishes the oasis of the student’s growth

Their dedication casts the glory of the campus

Deaders and athlete representative swore



Along with the gorgeous fireworks, Chairman Jiang Bo gave a powerful speech.When he traced back to the school history, he said that “exercise and sound” is the first seven talent training requirements put forward by Peihua College in 1928., In the last century, the province’s women’s basketball champion … and every Peihua student bathed in the sun.The Spring Games is a major review of sports work in our school, and it is also a great performance of the mental appearance of the majority of teachers and students.He firmly believes that Peihua students can continue to grow in experience and face the future “uncertainty” with a good attitude and a sound physique!He looks forward to each athletes with a full spirit and high fighting spirit, to fight the results, the style of the competition, and show the style of Peihua students.

Hi Fun’s performance is coming

The flower ball in my hand flipped and fluttered

They danced while they were shooting 

Rotate jumping and moving youth

Students from the School of Accounting and Finance

Write the exciting movement

Folding fan open and closing room teenager exposure

History inheritance

Students from the School of Media and Design

Fresh history and the times

Show the continuation of courage and belief 

Dynamic rhythm, fashionable music

Students from law school

Sprinkling arm

Specked the brisk dance steps

The youthful spirit of youth

400 students from medical schools jumping together “big dreamers”

They are in white

Main reason and enthusiasm

Exploring the road of lofty medicine

Passion and surgery

They will eventually show their great views and build dreams!

My head is looking up, my dream is my dream, my friend is a friend

150 students from the School of Humanities and International Education

Show the group dance “Friends like you”

Green grass is like the flowers and flowers like Jinzhong

Find dreams and live to the sun

Smile with a smile upright

It constitutes the most beautiful youth image!

Xinyuan Zhaoqi Hua Zhang Ri Xin

Boxing Boxing Chi Zhi will not change the iron bone exhibition prestige

They look like a sword shouting the sky

They are flexible

Students from the School of Intelligence Science and Engineering

With a high posture 

Fighting forward!

With the mission to protect the national flag to protect loyalty with faith

Guard with honor to protect unity with honor 

They leap forward in a warning smoke

Sliding kneeling like a cloud flowing water and standing like a leopard to be sent

Forming changes step by step

The National Flag Guard shows tactical power

With “Green Apple Paradise” music sounded 

Shining the sports field from 120 faculty and staff fitness team

They work hard at work

They are confident and easy on the sports field

Happy smiley faces witness

Their passion for school love for sports

Youth will never go to the field, struggle just now!

The thick and majestic music sounds

Modern fashion and traditional culture complement each other

Dragon dance, basketball, taekwondo, pattern skipping


The students of the School of Physical Education use their own characteristics


They are enthusiastic to the audience

Claim the audience with innovation and agility!

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