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Do you know the sports pyramid?Sports are also divided into these 5 categories

It is well known that the benefits of exercise to the body can increase cardiopulmonary function and promote blood circulation of the whole body.However, many people have been sitting for a long time because of their busy work, which has caused various problems over time, such as body obesity, three high, and fatty liver.Exercise is not simply moving the body. Each age is suitable for exercise, and the appropriate training method is required according to age.But do you know, there is also a pyramid in sports, which are divided into five categories according to the strength of the exercise.
How is exercise classified?
1. Basic physical activity
Basic physical activities include shopping, cleaning, climbing or walking dogs.Such exercise intensity is moderate, as long as you do for about 30 minutes a day, it is effective.
2. Stretching exercise
The stretching exercise includes stretching movements, practicing yoga and soft gymnastics. When these exercise, you can obviously feel the body’s sense of stretching. This exercise intensity is moderate.
3. Aerobic exercise plus leisure movement
People who love fitness are familiar with aerobic exercise and leisure exercise, and can quickly reduce the body’s fat, including playing in moderate strength such as playing jogging, climbing, and swimming.However, exercise can last for more than 20 minutes to achieve weight loss.
4. Power exercise
Power exercise is called anaerobic exercise, such as squatting and flats support, as well as squats and sit -ups.Power training will slightly exceed muscle load, so muscle soreness will occur after exercise.Power exercise can promote muscle production and improve the basal metabolic rate.
5. Static activity
Static activities include reading, sitting, and playing games. This kind of exercise has the least intensity. Therefore, the static activity time must be shortened. It is necessary to stand up in about an hour to avoid inducing chronic diseases.
What kind of exercise should people of different ages choose?
1, 6 ~ 17 years old
6 to 17 years old is the golden period of shaping the body and bones. The bones and muscle parts need to be strengthened. Choose medium and high -intensity exercises. Do 2 to 3 times a week.High -intensity exercise around the sky, such as cycling jogging, push -ups and sit -ups.
2, 18 ~ 64 years old
The strength of people aged 18 to 64 needs to increase slowly. At least 150 minutes of medium -strength aerobic exercise per week, 75 minutes of high -strength aerobic exercise can also be equipped with more than 2 days of strength training, such as swimmingQuick walk, gymnastics and sit -ups and elastic band training.
3, 65 years old
People over the age of 65 need to choose exercise with caution. Excessive exercise or too little will cause a series of problems, causing the body to be unable to adapt to the strength of the exercise.You can choose medium -intensity exercise, such as cycling jogging or walking; strength training can choose to hit Taijiquan or yoga.
Kind tips
No matter what exercise, you must take the principle of gradual progress. You ca n’t do it in a hurry to do your best, especially when you do strength training, you should pay more attention to the amount of exercise at the same time.A warm -up of 10 ~ 15 minutes before each exercise to avoid muscle strain or injury during exercise. Remember to stretch it after exercise.In the cold winter exercise, you need to do warm work, and the exercise time is arranged at noon or afternoon.Do not exercise under too hungry and full state, usually 1 to 2 hours after eating.After the exercise, you cannot drink a lot of water. You can take a small number of principles and intake, and then wait for the heart rate to return to normal and sweat before going to take a bath.
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