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Focus on improving the level of sports team training and competition. Hebei set up campus sports experimental classes

(Reporter Zhou Hongsong) Recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Education issued a notice that since 2024, the first campus sports experimental class was set up in the province.
According to the plan, the first batch of campus sports experimental classes in Hebei Province have 4 project experimental classes: “high school men’s football”, “high school women’s football”, “high school men’s basketball” and “high school women’s basketball”.The experimental classes rely on the provincial collective ball projects to launch a better and outstanding school.After the students are admitted, they will sign a training agreement by relying on the school and the parents of the student (guardian) to clarify the rights, responsibilities and obligations of all parties.The experimental classes shall conduct teaching and training relying on the school to conduct teaching and training in accordance with national regulations and relevant requirements. In principle, teaching curriculums are synchronized with other teaching classes.
Hebei requires that relevant cities and schools must attach great importance to the work of campus sports experimental classes, increase funding and teacher investment, carry out solid and effective exploration and practice, and focus on improving the level of sports team training and competition.For schools with inconspicuous training and competitions, the Provincial Department of Education will cancel the qualifications of the experimental class of the project depending on the situation.
MLS Football Jersey