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How does the ecological environment index do the second Leshan in the province for seven consecutive years?

Leshan Observing Niu Ping
On March 28, Leshan Ecological and Environment Bureau held a press conference in the first quarter of 2024. The Chuanguan News learned from the meeting that the Leshan Ecological Environment Index ranked second in the province for seven consecutive years. As of the end of 2023, Leshan City was in the country.The carbon market achieved a 100%performance quota; in 2024, the two municipal engineering technology research centers in the two ecological environment were the first.
Behind this dazzling transcript, what did Leshan do?
Press conference site.
Leshan has thoroughly fought pollution prevention and control, implemented five major projects of “emission reduction, coal pressure, dust suppression, car control, and control of straw”, completed 48 atmospheric emission reduction projects, strictly severely polluted weather to joint control and joint control.The ranking increased by 10 people year -on -year; focusing on the pollution treatment of key small watersheds such as the Michi River, the coordinated protection of water environment, water ecology, water resources, water safety and water culture collaborative protection, investigated 1544 sewage outlets, completed the rectification rate of 99.8%.The annual water quality of the country and the provincial assessment section has reached 100%for two consecutive years, and the water quality of 143 centralized drinking water sources is 100%.
At the same time, Leshan resolutely adheres to the safety utilization of pollution cultivated land and key construction land, and the safety utilization rate of key construction land is 100%; continuously promotes the construction of “non -waste cities”, and the “4+N” solid waste utilization treatment base is at the beginning of the scale.”No waste cells” and other “waste cells” such as non -waste Yi areas, parks, scenic spots, schools, hospitals, etc.
Strengthen the prevention and control of ecological environmental risks and effectively maintain the safety of ecological environment.For key industries such as critical and high -end, toxic and harmful substances, key areas such as chemical parks, drinking water sources and other key areas, and investigating environmental risk hazards in key areas such as Minjiang River; strengthen environmental risk management of key areasFor the previous on -site supervision and inspection, 39 vehicles (times) a total of 432,500 residence radiation sources and two lack of fuel launch supervision and inspection work to ensure the safe transfer of radiation items.In 2023, there were no large and above emergencies in Leshan City.
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