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Ai Peiyou renamed Xue Study Technology, further exploring the in -depth integration of technology and education

Recently, Beijing Xueze Technology Co., Ltd. announced that in order to meet the needs of corporate strategic development in the new period, it officially enabled “Xueku Technology” as a unified corporate brand.It will become one of the company’s brand and serve its sub -business line.

As an overall solution provider for the cultivation of innovative talents, Beijing Xueze Technology Co., Ltd. relied on the brand “Ai Peiyou” in the early days to create a planned integrated plan for innovative talent training around the discipline, independent selection of colleges and universities, and the excellent training in the course.Through scientific and technological means, high -quality digital education resources and complete supporting services are provided for education bureaus and full -time high schools.

Through years of cultivation in the field of cultivation of talented innovative talents for many years, the “Ai Peiyou” brand has been recognized by more and more local education bureaus, schools, and students and parents.In the context of the current “science and education”, with the continuous development of the company’s scale, the brand concept contained in “Ai Peiyou” has been difficult to clearly convey the company’s new development positioning of “promoting the cultivation of innovative talents with science and technology”At the same time, many new products and services have been launched in recent years, and brand upgrades have also been imperative.

According to reports, from the beginning of the establishment of Xue Ce Technology, it has been committed to building a high -quality teacher team and the development of high -quality curriculum systems.The company’s self -built full -time teaching and research team has graduated from 985 universities, and more than 90%of graduates from Peking University and Tsinghua University.The system, recorded a total of more than 10,000 hours of high -quality curriculum videos, delivered hundreds of thousands of hours such as preaching, discussions, live broadcasts, and face -to -face grants.

“The company’s genes are deeply planted with the pursuit of teaching, research and teaching, and the emphasis on science and technology has continued to promote the double improvement of efficiency and effect.” Zhang Jinrong, chairman of Xue Ce and Technology, said.In the future plan, the company will further explore the in -depth integration of science and technology and education and teaching, help the local education bureaus and schools to achieve the full schools and the whole process of innovative talents, and to truly improve the level of regional education systematically.

“We hope that through this brand upgrade, we can further strengthen the professional image of the company’s business line from the government and school. In addition, as the state and relevant departments continue to cultivate and improve their new quality productive for innovative talents, they continue to make efforts.We have developed business expansion in the aspects of youth science education, academic and career planning guidance, family education, etc. In the future, according to the differences between business attributes and groups of groups, we will re -plan to launch multiple business sub -brands, and “Ai Peiyou” will alsoAs one of the sub -brands, continue to serve the new business line.

It is understood that in order to provide more professional policy support services, better empower the school’s teaching and research and teaching ecosystem, and more efficiently help the research and implementation of regional innovative talent training programs, “Ai Peiyou New College Entrance Examination Institute” will also beSimultaneously renamed the “Academic Institute of Innovation Education”, relying on the team of strong experts and scholars to provide more professional support for the Education Bureau, schools, teachers and students.

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