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Aiming at pain points, difficulty in tackling, breakthroughs, and systematically promoting comprehensive reform of education

Build the first batch of three out -of -school youth science and technology practice bases. In all schools, they are equipped with vice presidents of science, and more than 120 teachers have been selected throughout the district to build discipline mentors … In the past year, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City has seized the Ministry of Education.The opportunity of the basic education comprehensive reform experimental area undertakes the pilot task of the municipal -level innovative talent integration training in the form of “unveiling the list” and handed over a dazzling transcript.
At the end of 2022, Ningbo was selected as the second batch of comprehensive reform of basic education in the Ministry of Education.Focusing on the goal of “Youyou Youxue and Fortune”, a three -level linkage mechanism for municipal experimental zones, county -level experimental projects, and school -level experimental schools (parks) has been formed, and “10+32+100” (10 items of 10 “(10 itemsDigital promotion system for tackling operations, 32 reform areas, 100 reform lists).For more than a year, the effectiveness of comprehensive reform in the city has continued to appear.Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Education Bureau Mao Caisheng hoped to use comprehensive reforms to “improve the people’s satisfaction and sense of education, plan to build a high -quality education system, and for the common prosperity.Construction has made greater contributions. “
Anchor high -quality, build a high -quality and balanced education service system
The corner of the reform sounded, and a wave of change and innovation surged in all parts of Ningbo.
What is the reform of comprehensive education?Ningbo has determined ten major actions such as “high -quality resource expansion”, “education quality improvement”, and “stimulation of school vitality”.Promoting at the top level at the municipal level, a secretary group of the Education Working Leading Group of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Education Experimental Zone of the Ministry of Construction Education of Ningbo City,”Ten special action groups.
Adhere to the pilot first and promote the three -level linkage. Ningbo promotes the construction of the experimental area as a whole at the city level. The district (county, city) promotes 12 experimental projects through the “unveiling the list” and other methods.Reform Experimental School (Garden).
Over the past year, the “The Fourth Round Action Plan for the Development of Preschool Education in Ningbo (2022-2025)” and “Ningbo Primary and Secondary School after -school service high -quality engineering plan” and other series of documents were introduced.Essence
In June last year, the first Ningbo Preschool Education “Behavior Course” Construction Summit was opened. More than 500,000 preschool colleagues on the National Line and offline were constructed.The release of the “Ningbo Consensus” marks the development of Ningbo preschool education.
At the same time, Ningbo’s compulsory education has achieved the move from “basic equilibrium” to “high -quality equilibrium”, from “learning and teachings” to “learning with excellence”.The high standards of Beilun District and Fenghua District passed the national compulsory education high -quality balanced development county evaluation to run each school in the “home door”; at the same time, high school education achieves high -quality characteristics.The cultivation of innovative talents has won major breakthroughs. 90 people won the provincial first prize, 19 people won the first national prize, and 1 person won the Gold Award of the World Mathematics Olympic Competition.In 2024, the National Mathematics Olympic Finals will be hosted by Ningbo.
The reform is like breaking bamboo. The districts (counties, cities) use the “unveiled list” project as a carrier, competing to the top.Haishu District explores the co -management model of high school urban areas and invests 1 billion yuan to promote the construction of Haishu Middle School; Zhenhai District explores the integrated cultivation of innovative talents through classroom teaching reform, high -level teacher training, and university resources linkages.In the process of education high -quality equilibrium, the “ten projects” such as the most beautiful road to school, enrollment Pepsi.
Reform also penetrates into each nerve end.Each experimental school (garden) combines its own actualities to determine the experimental project and conduct key breakthroughs.Pei Zhi School in Xiangshan County has established a garden -style “Zhidong Base”, “Knowing the Labyrinity”, “Zhidong Pond” and other extra -curricular activity areas.Wu Sufen, the principal of the school, said: “Let special students conduct targeted rehabilitation training in a lively and interesting atmosphere, helping them grow physical and mental growth, and lay the foundation for the integration of society in the future.”
At present, the comprehensive reform of basic education in the entire field, the entire link, and the full chain is being promoted in full swing in Ningbo. The high -quality and balanced basic public education service system is gradually forming.
Adhere to high standards and build a “five education integration” education system
Ningbo puts the high -quality talent training at the top of high -quality development, and actively explores the new path and new model of teaching and teaching.
In 2023, Ningbo established the city’s big, middle school, and middle school ideological and political education integrated construction alliance to further promote the integrated construction of ideological and political courses, teaching, teams, and mechanisms of large and middle schools., To educate people in all aspects.
“Classmates, what did you see through these cases? Seeing the progress and development of human civilization, and seeing the continuous breakthroughs of Chinese technology.” On September 1 last year, Shi Yigong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the president of West Lake University, was Ningbo’s Ningbo.Primary and secondary school students took the first lesson of unforgettable school.On the same day, the “Academician of Academicians” in Ningbo opened a lecture.Except for Shi Yigong, many academicians such as Hu Wenrui, Ouyang Ziyuan, and Wang Jianyu interacted with elementary and middle school students, with more than 6 million participants.
Education strong country construction calls for innovative talents.Last September, the “Implementation Measures for the Implementation of the Hometown of Academicians” in Ningbo City “was introduced. By 2025, it was proposed that 100 scientific education characteristic schools would be built, and 200 scientific education teachers and 300 scientific education courses were selected.In addition to face -to -face with academicians, elementary and middle school students in Ningbo can also enter universities and scientific research institutes to carry out scientific research.Huizhen High School relies on the city’s new science and technology seedlings plan. It has jointly trained scientific and technological innovation talents with the Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Municipal Weimeng Seeds, and Ningbo University.
“The ultimate goal of creating high -quality basic education is to cultivate students with a heavy responsibility of building a modern and strong country. The key to the high -quality development of the school is to build a high -quality education system.” Zhang Zongyu, secretary of the party committee of Haishu Foreign Languages SchoolThe talent training system of “holographic five -education integration” has been established, and a “core literacy orientation” map is established, requiring students to have China’s foundation and global perspective.
Bachelor Primary School in Lizhou District explores the construction of future -oriented borderless co -cultivation, creating the “1-6 -E” future learning field.”1″ refers to the establishment of a community in the school. “6” refers to the establishment of the Ningbo Museum, Academician Park, and Ningbo University Park Library, including the unique location advantage of the school. “E” refers to the creation of a digital community.Zhou Peili, Secretary of the Party Branch and President of Bachelor Primary School, introduced that the future learning field of “1-6 — E” broke the boundaries of time, space, discipline, and interpersonal, and cultivated newcomers suitable for future development.
Establish a “one person, one skills”, “one life and one art” training model, create a city, district, and school three -level student growth guidance model for the growth guidance of primary and secondary school students, and develop the “100th growth guidance special courses” … Ningbo is in the education modelA series of innovative measures were launched to provide a platform for giving full excavation of the potential of different children.
Focus on high levels, build a solid and powerful support guarantee system
To enhance the people’s satisfaction and sense of education, the development results must be touched.Ningbo adheres to the priority development of education, providing accurate, powerful, high -quality resource allocation and support guarantee for the achievement of high -quality development of basic education.
In the past year, Ningbo has continuously increased the supply of kindergarten degree in public schools.A total of 35,475 new degrees were added throughout the year, of which 19 were completed and expanded in primary and secondary schools, and 30,495 were added; 14 new and expanded kindergartens were completed, and 4,980 kindergarten degrees were added.
In the past year, Ningbo has continuously improved the regional evaluation system.”Students comprehensively evaluate how the overall design and how to highlight the process records can significantly affect the school’s education and teaching and the quality of education.” Liu Xiaojie, deputy director of Ningbo Teaching and Research Office, introduced that under the support and guidance of teaching and research, 9 projects in Ningbo last year were obtained.National Teaching Achievement Award of Basic Education.
In the past year, Ningbo has carried out digital process reconstruction and mechanism reshaping on education and teaching related links and fields.Zhenhai District launched the “Academic Town Sea” application project to focus on the “home -school -club” collaborative living scene; Jiangbei District constructed “Lexue Jiangbei” digital multi -cross -scenario application; Ninghai County established the first “urban and rural network teaching and research and research in the provinceAlliance; now, teachers in Haishu District have corrected homework through the “smart operation platform”.Hu Miaokun, director of the Education and Research Office of the Haishu District Education Bureau, said that the platform can reduce the duplicate labor of teachers, and at the same time, it is conducive to cultivating students’ good learning habits.
Digitalization, while empowering education and teaching, has also improved the accuracy of student funding.Ningbo launched the application of “Zheli Office -Youyou Youxue” in June last year to achieve student funding “fast application”, “zero submission” of conventional funding materials, and privacy support for students.At present, 22,294 students in primary and secondary schools have been benefited.In addition, Ningbo has also established a digital supervision mechanism to build and start the “Digital Management Platform of the Ningbo Ministry of Construction Education Comprehensive Education Comprehensive Education Reform Experimental Zone” to achieve one -stop service of the three major functions of distribution tasks, highlight drying, and experience promotion.
While Ningbo’s development of its own basic education, it has continuously expanded the radiation surface of high -quality educational resources.The “Curriculum Aid” brand is centered on curriculum construction. A total of more than 100 principals and teachers were selected to teach to Liangshan, Sichuan, and 109 schools paired with 105 schools in Liangshan.
Spring is full of things, and everything is growing up in a high attitude.A series of measures for the comprehensive reform and development of basic education in Ningbo are leading the city’s effective way to explore a high -quality development of basic education.(Reporter Shi Wangying)
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